Living Iron

by Vanessa Everts and Pauline van Lynden, Visual Legacy, 2018

Iron is everywhere around us and within us. It is vital to organisms – it colours our blood as well as the earth. We admire people with an iron constitution and a steely determination, and almost everything we do involves iron and steel in some form. Yet we hardly seem to realise how reliant on this ancient metal we are. Without iron there would be no cars, no cargo ships, no railways. Most bridges and buildings would crumble. Agriculture would have stayed small and we would have had no Industrial Revolution. There would be no energy networks, no elevators, no oyster-shucking, no piano music... And paints would not have become what they are today. This book describes the fascinating life of iron and our life with iron and steel.

With a foreword by Ratan N. Tata
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A Resistible Force

by Pauline van Lynden, ed. Vanessa Everts, Visual Legacy, 2007

Long lines of oak trunks mark the south-western beaches of the Netherlands. Since the Middle Ages they have witnessed much trial and error in our struggle to defend our land from erosion. Rediscovering the wooden breakwaters I had known since childhood, I began by drawing and photographing these 'dark sentinels' and ended up exploring 'what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object' and a culture marked by its relationship to the sea. With a wealth of documents from private and public collections and illustrated with my own photographs and artwork, A Resistible Force tells a personal story of discovery through the history of an ancient system of coastal protection, its role in a nation's character, and our ongoing search to find a balance between man and nature.

Winner Zeeland Book Prize 2008
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by Pauline van Lynden, Editions Assouline / Walburg Pers / Rolf Heyne, 2003

My first visit to this most colourful region of India in 1988 was followed by many more over the years. As I began to see how fast India was changing, I was led quite naturally to the creation of my first book, Rajasthan. My travel journals, which I had bound myself and crammed with samples, form the backbone of the text. My journey continued in my studio where I assembled my photographs by hand into collages, treating them almost as if they were paint. Published in three languages in 2003 and a fourth in 2005, Rajasthan has been a steady favourite with designers, stylists, travellers and India lovers all over the world.

Top 5 Best Illustrated Books of the Year 2003, London Sunday Times
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