Pauline van Lynden is a Dutch-French photographer, artist and author based in the Netherlands.

She has a MA Political Sciences from the University of Louvain, she trained as an art bookbinder at La Cambre in Brussels, and she won the Artibus Prize during her two years studying drawing, painting and sculpture at Artibus Art School in Utrecht.

Her first book, Rajasthan, was published in four languages in 2003 and became an instant bestseller. A Resistible Force won the Zeeland Book Prize in 2008. With Vanessa Everts she made Living Iron, a book about the life cycle of iron and man's life with iron and steel, published in 2018.

Pauline combines her various disciplines and loves research, the way it leads her to have conversations with a wide range of people and visit the most unexpected places. At the same time she is convinced that the most beautiful things can be found on our doorstep. She aims to draw attention to the creativity of man and nature in our ever-changing, extraordinary world.