November 19, 2013

What do we see in certain things?

 IMG_1962 - Version 2


One of my favourite objects in my studio is just a piece of crushed wrapping paper. It came to me as the padding around a book sent by mail in a box, recycled material with enough ‘body’ to give it quite naturally the character of a sculpture. In my eyes that is just what it is, an object in its own right, halfway between a dress and an armour. All it needed was a metal stand, another piece of recycled material, and as if by magic it got its name: the samurai. Don’t ask me why.


IMG_1961 - Version 2


There is another treasure nearby: my ‘power plant.’


IMG_1963 - Version 2

IMG_1964 - Version 2


It measures not more than ten centimetres, a world in miniature. I received it from a friend who found an old television on the pavement, thought of me, and dismantled the thing there and then.

And then there are my tin cans, a growing collection. People throw them away, cars crush them on the road, they rust and from my point of view become more and more interesting.


IMG_1970 - Version 2

IMG_1972 - Version 2

IMG_1314 - Version 2

IMG_1319 - Version 2

IMG_1324 - Version 2

IMG_1974 - Version 2

IMG_1321 - Version 2 (1)

The wonder of such discoveries is proof of what Picasso used to say, ‘Je ne cherche pas, je trouve.’ (I do not search, I find)