Bricks and iron

July 30, 2013

No time to write long blog posts: I am in the process of giving birth to a book! But my eye continues to travel and this is what I have collected rcently.

The brick walls of a small countryside church on Walcheren, in the south-west of the Netherlands:

and the wall of the French chateau of Saint Germain en Laye, a formidable archaeology museum whose site, sadly, seems to exist only in French although I found some information in English.

France juillet 2013

There are more bricks in previous posts.

Bricks often were the best building solution for regions that have no natural stone but only sand and clay like the Netherlands. Elsewhere, as in Brittany, one may find a centuries-old beam head and ditto nails among sandstone and granite:

or horseshoes for luck on a sandstone wall in the Gers:

But I’m still mainly busy with iron and this is what I found this morning on a building site:

and near a crumbling hay barn I’ve mentioned before: