Looking back #5: Return to India with Rajasthan under my arm

January 16, 2012

After the launch of Rajasthan I returned to India to finally show my friends what I had been doing. The village of Rohet in the Jodhpur region and its pleasant fort had been my base for longer periods of time. I had even become affectionately known as ‘Pollimadam’ and improvised Holi songs had teased me about my freedom while I had abandoned my family in Holland.Now we joyfully gathered as so many times before around cups of sweet Indian chai at the back of small shops and in farm courtyards, while each page of the book was commented in detail and source to updated news about life in the village, jokes, stories, and the occasional sad news that some of my elderly models had recently left us.

Here at home, not much is needed to bring me back to the atmosphere of rural India: a sound, a smell, the colour of the sky or when I open the cupboard with all my Rajasthani treasures, it all makes me quite nostalgic.