Monthly Archives: September 2012

September 27, 2012

Themes for dreams

The themes of our dreams   Our points of interest are not always aligned with everybody else’s taste and we sometimes tend to hide our dreams for fear of negative comments and discouragement. Years may pass before we feel confident Read more

September 20, 2012

Corrugated iron

The beauty of shacks   A rare sight in The Netherlands : half hidden behind a farmhouse, a crumbling hay barn. This country is generally so clean and organised that most people here would be shocked by my enthusiasm, of Read more

September 13, 2012


More feathers   I’ve had an interesting conversation with a physiotherapist about fractals, fractal dynamics to be precise. The word was entirely new to me, but it applies as much to his treatment approach as to nature in general. I Read more

September 7, 2012


Making something out of nothing     This week I was allowed to spend a few hours with my camera in the industrial area of a large harbour.     Trucks drive on and off to deliver tons of metal Read more