September 7, 2012


This week I was allowed to spend a few hours with my camera in the industrial area of a large harbour.

Trucks drive on and off to deliver tons of metal scrap which is sorted here in different categories before being shipped all over the world.

Cranes dance their own ballet overhead, grabs and buckets dangling at the end of long arms.

This is not a place for a relaxed stroll. One needs a hard hat, solid shoes and, most of all perhaps, a fluorescent vest to make sure the drivers notice you, but one could also use an extra pair of eyes because there is so much to be seen.

Perhaps I’m romanticising and my enthusiasm may be seen as the game of seeing rabbits or monsters in clouds. I do see sculptures and paintings on every scale here. But the recycling industry has also grown from collecting waste to preparing materials for a future life –– a new, vital sort of mine.