Monthly Archives: December 2011

December 23, 2011

A shoebox in my suitcase for appointments with publishers

  After more than a year of making collages for Rajasthan, I had the feeling that I was ready. I carefully wrapped my 300+ original pages in a large shoebox and went to New York and Paris in search of a Read more

December 22, 2011

Looking back #3: Rajasthan and making books

My most faithful travel companion is a small Moleskine ‘reporter’ notebook which, at home, is paired with a larger one that grows within a few months to bursting point with photos, sketches and cuttings. For years I used to bind Read more

December 19, 2011

Looking back #2: Training at a crafts school

On a trip to Venice after finishing my university studies, I found a little manual on bookbinding. Its detailed explanations echoed a wish I already cherished at school to learn how to bind the exquisite books I had seen on Read more

December 18, 2011

Looking back # 1: university and the benefits of method

After secondary school I went to university – I guess it was in the line of things. I began at Saint-Louis in Brussels with a broad combination of philosophy, social and political sciences and economics in the tradition of the Read more

December 16, 2011

A moment of harvest in my studio

Many things have been kept out of the pages of this website in order to keep them simple. I have little patience with websites that need a road map. But hidden behind these slightly static pages is the image of Read more

December 15, 2011

Credits for my renewed website

There it is at last, my new website. To reach this point has involved almost as much effort as a book publication, and instead of a proper launch this first entry to my weblog is meant as a big ‘thank Read more

December 11, 2011

Art school again

The Artibus art academy in the Netherlands stood on its own in the ’90s because it firmly believed that one should not have to choose, at the start of art training, between drawing and painting on the one hand and sculpture-related Read more