Credits for my renewed website

December 15, 2011

There it is at last, my new website. To reach this point has involved almost as much effort as a book publication, and instead of a proper launch this first entry to my weblog is meant as a big ‘thank you!‘ to the skillful people who have helped me.

My resourceful daughter Vanessa Everts suggested the design, translated the Dutch press articles and edited the texts with the same precision and sensitivity as she is doing for my books. (The blog and its mistakes, by the way, will remain my responsability). She is also the photographer of my portrait on the home page. Sandra Tukker proved the efficiency of her desktop publishing once again. Hans Kellerhuis translated our design into digital lingo, brought it alive and efficiently taught me how to use my weblog.

Next to the excitement of seeing this project grow, I’ve realised once again how meticulous one must be in the final stage when first ideas seemed so self-evident. And when everything had to be done at the same time, Patrick van der Sande came over with what looked like half his photographer’s studio to take a small but crucial image for the Rajasthan page. Credit should also go to him for the glimpse in my surroundings on the home page.

Finally I’d like to mention my son Paul Berndt Everts for always helping me shape my ideas with his keen designer’s mind, and my husband Berndt Everts, last but not least, for everything.