Reading and writing

August 16, 2012

Here is another quotation in the same spirit as in last week’s blog post from an inspiring little book, ‘What is history’ by E. H. Carr:

‘…as soon as I have got going on a few of what I take to be the capital sources, the itch becomes too strong and I begin to write –– not necessarily at the beginning, but somewhere, anywhere. Thereafter, reading and writing go on simultaneoulsy. The writing is added to, substracted from, re-shaped, cancelled, as I go on erading. The reading is guided and directed and made fruitful by the writing: the more I write, the more I know what I am looking for, the better I understand the significance and relevance of what I find.’

Bell cord in a French courtyard

The journey is the destination, –– if we have the luxury of that freedom. We choose a subject and then the subject takes us by the hand.

Looking back on the trodden path as I’m doing these days by going through my Living Iron journal, I marvel at the variety of unplanned ‘side tracks’ I’ve been led to take and how they have fed my research.

Chai glasses in Rajasthan